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Dealers who buy cars – All you need to know about selling a car

Dealers who buy cars – All you need to know about selling a car

Selling an automobile can be hard. First of all, it is emotionally very hard to say goodbye to your “best buddy”. Besides, the whole process may take you a long time. You should prepare vehicles for the selling, publish advertisements, make appointments to potential buyers, make paperwork, etc. In the process of selling a vehicle, you might face additional challenges. For that reason, it is always a good idea to address dealers who buy used cars for cash. 

Below we will discuss all the details related to selling an automobile to a dealership. In the beginning, we will compare selling a car individually and to a dealer. We’ll review dealerships who buy used vehicles, and give a clear vision of what to expect.  

Why sell an automobile to dealers who buy used cars for cash? 

Before reviewing what dealerships buy used cars, let’s review in detail why it is preferable to sell an automobile to a dealer. Below is the shortlist of the advantages that you can get by addressing the dealer:

  • First of all, addressing a dealer who will buy used cars will save you time. There are many dealership websites, where you can fill out the request and get the quote in hours. 
  • You won’t have to spend time preparing advertisements, publishing them on the websites, making appointments to buyers, answering income calls for further details, etc…
  • By addressing a dealer, you avoid preparing all the paperwork and the official part. All the paperwork is done by car dealers who buy used cars.
  • Besides all the above-mentioned, you save a lot of money on taxes, as well. As you know, in most states you have to pay the sale taxes after selling a car. In case you trade-in your car with a dealer, then you can pay taxes only for the difference. For instance, if the dealer offered 5,000$ for your car and the new one costs 20,000$, you will pay sales taxes only for 15,000$, instead of 25,000$. 

Nonetheless, selling an automobile to a dealer has many benefits, it has some drawbacks as well. It’s a well-known fact that dealers always evaluate vehicles much lower, and sell them at a higher price. Actually, that is the main source of the benefit they earn by buying and selling used vehicles. Hence, if you are not limited in time, you can try to sell your “best buddy” by yourself, instead of dealers who buy cars. But take into account that in that case, you will have to handle the whole process starting from publishing an announcement until the paperwork. I guess now you know why I’d advise you to sell a vehicle to a dealership. Now, after clarifying its advantages and disadvantages, we can move on to the next topic and review some dealership companies, whom you can address. 

Reviewing what dealerships buy used cars 

As you might already know, there are many dealership companies that want to buy vehicles from private owners. Making a decision in a big variety is much harder. You should know what dealerships buy used cars, and which ones to address. Let’s review dealers who buy used cars for cash. 

  • Car Buyer’s Market The dealership can buy any type of automobile in any condition. Even if the car can’t move, they will buy it. You can ask for the quote either from the call or from their website. Upon received information, they calculate the value of your car and offer the quote. If you accept the offer you can schedule an appointment and provide title and possession to them. 
  • Cash4UsedCars.net – The company’s history started around 25 years ago and serves in Southern California. If the place works for you, they offer to buy your automobile within an hour. 
  • CarMax – Another reliable option who will buy used cars is CarMax. The company is the biggest used-vehicle retailer. 

After reviewing what dealerships buy used cars, it doesn’t mean that you should stick only to the above-mentioned options. Besides them, I’d advise you to address several dealers and make a decision only after combining all the information. Also, it’s a good idea to address a specific car type or manufacturer dealers of your car, in case of availability. In that case, there is more chance that you get the highest profit, as those dealerships look for the model that you own. For that reason, they can pay much more than other dealerships for which the model doesn’t make any sense. 

How to earn more money from car dealers who buy used cars? 

Since we’ve already reviewed some dealership companies, let’s move on to the practical part. It is important to know what we can do to get a higher offer from car dealers who buy used cars. Before addressing dealerships, passing the following steps will lead you to the best deal.

  • First of all, you should prepare your vehicle for sale. Do your best to get a higher offer. If the vehicle needs a minor repair, do it before visiting the dealer. Remember, the technical side and the look of an automobile determine its value. 
  • Once the car is ready for sale, you should determine its value. Without determining the value, you might lose some money, by accepting the first offer. Review announcements for the automobile model in the same condition as yours. Combine received information and determine the average market price of the car. Only after this, you can address dealers who buy used cars.
  • Visit several dealerships. If you see that the dealer offers a much lower price than the market, don’t hesitate and try to negotiate. If the dealer can’t increase the offer, you can address another dealership. 

Hopefully given information helps you to get the best deal! But, if you still hesitate whether it’s profitable or not to sell a used vehicle, review the following topic and clarify why it’s in high demand. 


 All in all, it’s up to you to make a decision whether it is worth addressing dealers or not. But still, after comparing selling options, I guess you already know why it is preferable to address dealership companies. You already know what dealerships buy cars and how to get well-prepared for earning more money. Hence, I’m sure the given information will help you a lot to sell your auto at the highest price by saving time. Wish you good luck!

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