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How long do car batteries last – All you need to know

How long do car batteries last – All you need to know

In the modern world, thanks to various sources of information we all strive to contribute our positive impact on the planet. Since the increased number of automobiles produce a significant amount of carbon monoxide and other pollution, electric vehicles are in high demand. It is a well-known fact that passenger vehicles are the main pollution contributors. Hence, it is a good idea to move on to electric automobiles and decrease the level of pollution. 

By purchasing an electric automobile, you save a lot of money and take care of the environment as well, at the same time. The only challenging question while thinking about getting an electric vehicle is related to its battery. There are many different opinions regarding how long does a car battery lasts. For that reason, I’ve gathered all the needed information that gives you a clear vision of car batteries. Below you will find out the lifespan of a battery, how long do electric car batteries last on one charge, how to extend battery longevity, and many other interesting details. So, let’s start exploring!

How long do new car batteries last and how to prolong the lifespan?

Anyone agrees that electric cars are comfortable and reasonable to purchase. The only question you might be afraid to know while thinking about purchasing an electric automobile is its longevity. Hence, I assume the first thing you would love to clarify is how long should a car battery last. So, let’s start the journey by exploring longevity!

According to Forbes any battery is similar to a device keeping the energy. It doesn’t generate the energy, but storage for later use. Batteries used in an electric vehicle are made up of hundreds or thousands of smaller batteries. There is no specific lifespan that applies to any automobile, as each model might have a different battery with a different capacity.

Nonetheless of the above-mentioned, most electric vehicle batteries last up to 20 years and even more. Some models have different warranties, for instance, Tesla models last up to 8 years or 100,000 miles, Nissan leaf battery works for about 10 years. But as a rule, they last much longer even after the warranty. 

All in all, as you see it’s hard to have one answer to the question of how long does car battery last, as it depends on many factors of the battery capacity itself. Nonetheless, luckily, each battery can last even after covering hundreds of thousands of miles. There are some tips that help you to prolong the lifespan. 

  • The first thing that you should avoid is leaving your car at 100% while parked for a long time;
  • Another important detail that helps you to prolong the lifespan is to avoid using fast charging;
  • And last but not least, avoid exposure to high temperatures when parked. Below we will discuss in detail how long do car batteries last in hot climates;      

After exploring how long do car batteries last, and how to prolong their lifespan, it’s time to move on and explore battery condition in hot weather. 

How long do car batteries last in hot climates?

The fact that vehicle batteries last approximately 58 months in the northern regions and less than 41 months in the southern part of the U.S., says a lot. We all know that batteries last less in hot weather. You might have noticed that you need to charge your vehicle more during summertime, than in the winter period. But do you know the reason that determines the change? 

Each automobile battery contains a liquid. The mixture of acid and water. At high temperature, the mixture is faster evaporated. Once the mixture level lowers, internal parts of the battery can’t proceed accordingly. Overall, high temperature can speed up the corrosion process. 

Likewise, the lifespan of a battery, answer to the question of how long does a car battery last in hot weather, depends on many factors. For instance, if you don’t use electronics when the engine is off, don’t leave interior and exterior lights on unnecessarily, and park in the cooler place, in the shade or garage, then you can reduce the charging frequency. 

Another important detail that helps you to survive during high temperatures is to keep in mind that many batteries have a heat barrier. The barrier protects the battery from the hot weather. Hence, make sure the barrier is accordingly kept in the right place. 

Nonetheless, it is hard to indicate a certain time, for how long should a car battery last in hot weather, I hope you found the above mentioned information useful. 

How long do electric car batteries last on one charge?

I assume you already have a clear vision about vehicle batteries, how they work, how to take care of them, etc. Now we’ve reached the most interesting and frequently asked question about batteries, how long does car battery last on one charge. Any driver wants to know the answer to the question. Actually, it is the main factor, that can determine the buyer’s decision whether it is worth buying an electric vehicle or not. In the modern world, we all try to do as many things as possible in a day. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time charging frequently. 

It’s notable that any battery capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and is different for each model. For instance, Honda E 35kWh battery, and can drive 130 miles on a single charge; Tesla Model S has a 100kWh battery that can drive over 400 miles on a full charge. The higher the kWhs the longer distance can be covered with one charge. I guess, now you know that how long do car batteries last per charge depends on the manufacturer and temperature as well. As we already in high temperature batteries last less than in a normal climate. 

Generally, the lifespan is connected with the number of charges. Hence, if you love spending vacations outside of the city, or daily have to cover a long distance it’s preferable to choose a car with higher kWhs. In that case, you will reduce the number of charges and enjoy rides without fewer interruptions.


All in all, nonetheless the question of how long do car batteries last, might seem very simple it’s hard to provide one certain answer. The lifespan of a battery depends on the model, manufacturer, climate condition, and the frequency of charges. Such objective details determine how long will the battery last. Nonetheless, you already know some tips and tricks that help you to prolong the lifespan. Hopefully, you found the above-mentioned information interesting and useful. Wish you good luck! 

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