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All you need to know about wrapping including how much does it cost to wrap a car

All you need to know about wrapping including how much does it cost to wrap a car

I guess it is hard to find a driver who has never thought about changing the look of his/her vehicle. I’m sure you, like many individuals, have thought about improving the look of your “best buddy”.  After some period of time, we all want to personalize automobiles, even if it is our dream car. 

In the past, the only way to change the look was to repaint the vehicle. Luckily, nowadays we have another option – wrapping! Which is the easiest and fastest way to modify the look upon our wish. Below we will discuss all the needed information related to wrapping, how much to wrap a car, how much does it cost, how long does it take, how long the wrapping lasts, and many interesting details.

What does it mean to wrap a car? 

Before diving into details and exploring the specifications of wrapping a car, let’s review some info about the wrapping itself. We all have seen wrapped attractive vehicles on the streets, but do you know the background of the vinyl wrapping? With the help of vinyl wrap, you can completely or partially cover an automobile in the desired color. It enables you to personalize vehicles upon your wish and taste easily. In the beginning, using vinyl graphics was affordable only for large industries, such as the U.S. Air Force. Later, by the 1980s and 1990s, vinyl production costs become affordable for more companies. Nowadays, luckily it is affordable for any individual and costs much cheaper than painting! Below, we will discuss in detail how much is it to wrap a car, until then let me share with you reasons why I’d advise you to wrap a vehicle! The list of advantages is endless, but I’ll mention only the outstanding ones. 

  • First of all, it gives you the possibility to personalize your “best buddy” upon your wish without hesitation. You know it doesn’t need analyzing any details, as you can easily unwrap it any time, in case you change your mind;
  • Besides, its attractive side, it has a protective side as well. The wrapping protects the original paint of a vehicle from scratches and fading;
  • Another thing that I like about wrapping is that the answer to the question of, how much does a car wrap cost is always cheaper for any vehicle than painting!
  • The vinyl wraps are totally removable and don’t need any further compared to painting. It is easy to remove wrapping without leaving any trace. You can restore the original color of a vehicle after removal. 
  • There are available many different kinds of wraps and have a matte, gloss, semi-gloss, brushed steel, chrome, and even leather-like finishes. Hence, you will definitely find the style that fits your taste the best. 
  • By wrapping, you can increase the value of a vehicle. It perfectly hides small chips and scratches. Besides, as I’ve already mentioned, it keeps the original painting. 
  • And last but not least, warranty terms don’t change after wrapping. 

I guess after reading all the benefits, you know the reason why you should wrap an automobile. The only questions you might be interested in are, how much does it cost to wrap a car, and how long does the wrapping process last? So, let’s continue exploring further details. 

How long does it take to wrap a car on average?

It is important to know how long it takes to wrap your “best buddy” in case it is the main means of transportation and you daily need it. Knowing the needed time can give you a clear picture of whether it is worth renting a car or not. It might even change your attitude about how much to wrap a car, whether it’s worth doing or not… But after reading the answer to the question, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

Generally, the needed time to wrap an automobile is individual for each model. It is determined by the size and complexity of a vehicle. It takes much longer to wrap curves. Given into account all those specifics, on average it takes about 2-3 days. But the time may change upon given circumstances. 

It is amazing, isn’t it? You can totally change the look of a vehicle just in 2 or 3 days! Now let’s explore how much is it to wrap a car, and how long the wrapping lasts. 

How much does it cost to wrap and how long does a car wrap last?

Now, it’s time to answer the most interesting question of how much does a car wrap cost. As I’ve mentioned, wrapping a vehicle is much cheaper than painting. The actual cost depends on the automobile model, the finishes of the vinyl wrap, curves of the automobile, and many other details. But to give you some vision about the prices, on average the full wrap costs between 2,500$ – 5,000$. The price is quite reasonable to give into account how long it lasts. 

Generally, the vinyl films last between 3-7 years depending on the climate. As a rule, high temperature decreases the period, as the sun negatively affects the color and brightness. Also, it is notable that colors with a high content of red pigment (Red, Purple, Yellow, and Pink) last the least. This is due to the fact that red pigments fade the quickest from all colors. 

Now you know how much does it cost to wrap a car and its longevity. I guess you already made up your mind about whether it is worth doing or not. 


All in all, after reading all the above-mentioned information, I’m sure you have already started thinking about the new look of your vehicle. After reading the blog, you know how useful the wrapping car is. Besides, changing the look, it keeps your “best buddy” and avoids scratches or fading the original color. In the end, it increases the value of an automobile. Also it takes only 2 or 3 days to totally change the look of an automobile. 

Now you know how much does it cost to get a car wrapped and how long it lasts. Hence, it’s up to you to make the final decision. Don’t forget that you can change the color at any time with no worry about any trace on the surface. So, wish you good luck! Hopefully, you will use the given information and enjoy the result. 

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