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How to buy cars from insurance companies?

How to buy cars from insurance companies?

Making a decision whether you need to buy a car or not, can be easy. It is obvious that we all need vehicles in our daily life. But in case we have a limited budget, it can be hard to purchase a reliable automobile. Even though we can still make our dreams come true! 

Did you know that the cheapest way to get a vehicle is to get it from an insurance company? Below you will find how to buy salvage cars from insurance companies. Reading the information will help you to get an automobile at the lowest available price. 

Reasons of why to buy salvage cars from insurance companies

First of all, let’s explain in simple words, what is meant under the title, before reviewing reasons why to buy a salvage vehicle. The term “Salvage” is used for automobiles that are deemed a total loss. In simple words, when the automobile no longer carries its original value and cannot be insured at the same value as other vehicles of the same manufacturer and model. In other words, a salvage car means that the repair cost will be more than what the vehicle is worth. Once a vehicle gets a salvage title, it can’t be changed even if the vehicle is extensively rebuilt. Hence, it’s similar to a warning to possible buyers that the automobile had some serious damage before.

After reading all the above-mentioned, you might be uncertain whether it is worth knowing how to buy wrecked cars from insurance companies, or not. But, there are many reasons why you should get a salvage vehicle. 

  • Nonetheless, some salvage vehicles can’t be ready to drive, some of them can be repaired and put back for use. After repair, you can use them without any issue, or sell them. Of course, it can’t be sold at the same price as another vehicle with a clear title. As you already know nonetheless, a vehicle can be totally rebuilt, its salvage title can’t be changed. And the title lowers the value of a vehicle. 
  • Another reason why I would advise you to get a salvage car is to save money and avoid regret about any scratches in the future. It’s a good idea to get a cheap vehicle for a newly licensed driver. Sometimes we experience some unforeseen circumstances due to a lack of driving skills. For that reason, many people wonder where to buy totaled cars from insurance. Hence, if you are a newly licensed driver, you can buy a salvage car and drive it with no worries about any scratches. 
  • In case the vehicle can’t be repaired, you can sell spare parts to local mechanics, who are always in need of vehicle parts. 
  • And last but not least, you can sell it. There are some collectors, who are interested in buying salvage vehicles. You will find many individuals, mechanics, or car lovers who get a big pleasure by repairing an old salvage car. It looks like giving a new life to the old vehicle. 

I guess reviewing the above-mentioned reasons gave you a clear picture of why it is a good idea to get a salvage vehicle. Now let’s move on and clarify how to buy cars from insurance companies. 

How to buy wrecked cars from insurance companies?

It’s time to move on and clarify the most important part of the topic, how to get a totaled car from the insurance company. First of all, you should know that insurance companies usually sell salvage cars through auto auctions. Besides, on such auctions, you will find wrecked, salvage, and generally totaled vehicles. It is notable that every high-ranking auction company provides detailed information about vehicles’ condition, previous experience, how they came to be in the auction.

Another interesting detail that you should know about how to buy salvage cars from insurance companies, is that not every auction is open to the public. Some auctions are available only for dealers. Actually, it depends on the states as well. In some state auctions, you don’t need a license to buy a vehicle from auction, but it doesn’t apply to all states. Hence, you should clarify in advance, whether the auction has any limitations or not. 

One detail that might seem tricky is that sometimes on savage auctions you can’t have a test drive. Nonetheless, you may have the overall look, inspect it for frame damage, and check for leaking fluids. Don’t forget to have a thorough check-up with a mechanic after purchase. The mechanic can determine which details should be repaired and whether it is worth repairing or selling as spare parts. 

Since you already know how to buy wrecked cars from insurance companies, and what to expect out of the trading, let’s continue exploring further details. Below we will review the top auction companies, where you can find salvage automobiles at the lowest available price. 

Where to buy totaled cars from insurance?

I guess now we’ve reached the most interesting part of a topic, where to find salvaged vehicles for sale? You might find many auction advertisements online, but defining which one is the best can be hard. Here is the list of top high-ranked auction companies, where you can get a totaled automobile. 

  • Auto Auction Mall 
  • Dashub.com 
  • Ridesafely.com 

On those auctions, you can find used, salvage, and insurance cars. The auction is open for dealers and the public as well. Hence, you can trade even if you don’t own any license. 

Besides, there are Copart Inc. and IAAI that are open only for dealers. On the auctions, you can find a big variety of salvage insurance vehicles.

Now you know where to buy totaled cars from insurance. Hopefully, you find something interesting on the mentioned sources. 


I guess after reading all the above-mentioned information, now you know how to buy cars from insurance companies. Nonetheless, it might seem hard to make our dreams come true on limited budget, it is still possible. Luckily on the auctions, you can find a vehicle that can be repaired and used for reliable rides. At least, you know the list of reputable auction companies, where you can find a wide range of wrecked automobiles. So, wish you good luck! 

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