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How to buy cars wholesale – All you need to know

How to buy cars wholesale – All you need to know

Have you ever dreamed of buying a vehicle, but couldn’t do it due to a limited budget? Then this post is just for you! We all have our dream cars, but sometimes we can’t make our dreams come true due to less money. But remember, having a limited budget doesn’t limit us to get an automobile! There are many ways to get a vehicle with a huge discount. The best option to save money is to get a car at wholesale. The only issue is that mostly you need a dealer license to purchase an automobile at wholesale. 

Reading the blog will help you to clarify how to buy cars at wholesale prices, the first steps you should follow, what to check during a pre-purchase inspection, and generally anything related to buying a vehicle with the lowest available price. So, let’s start the journey by exploring the first necessary steps that you should follow for purchasing a car at wholesale. 

How to buy cars at wholesale prices – First steps that you should follow 

We all have our dream cars. But sometimes we might change our decision before the purchase. The change is determined upon analyzing some important details. The correctly chosen model is one of the most important detail that determines our satisfaction out of the trading. Hence, it is the first step in clarifying how to buy wholesale cars with the highest profit. By purchasing a vehicle, we make an investment out of which we expect enjoyable rides for a long time. For that reason, it is preferable to spend some time and correctly determine the automobile, instead of buying a dream car unconsciously. Below we will review all the details that you should take into account, before choosing the model to buy. 

Living area – Of course number one and the most important detail that you should take into account is the living area. Thinking about the detail will lead you to correctly choose a car type. For instance, if you live in a mountainous area, a sedan won’t work for you, due to the low suspension system. Hence, it’s preferable to get an SUV or another type of car with a high suspension system. 

Think about a monthly budget – Besides the initial price, you should think about the expected monthly budget for fuel, insurance, and repair costs. A pre-determined budget will indicate to you how important it is for you to get a fuel-efficient car. You will have a clear picture of whether you should get an electric automobile or not. 

If you are thinking about how to buy cars wholesale and sell retail then you can skip the above-mentioned details and directly check Consumer Report. In the report, you can find some most reliable automobiles under the survey. Below we will discuss the wholesale retail business field in detail. Until then, let’s move on to the most important part and examine how to buy wholesale cars without owning a dealer license. 

How to buy wholesale cars without a license? 

Now since you already know what are the first steps that you should follow, it’s time to explore the most useful and practical side of trading. As you know the best way to get an automobile at wholesale price is through auctions and lots.

There are two types of auctions, dealer-only auctions, and public. As a rule, dealer-only auctions offer close to new cars, and recent trade-ins with the lowest price. Some vehicles have an existing warranty as well. It’s a well-known fact that there is a big difference between dealer-only and public auctions in terms of prices. Usually, wholesale-priced automobiles are sold to lots, retail, or dealerships. Dealers markup the price to make their profit out of the purchase. The main issue dealer-only auction can be attended only by dealers. You might wonder how to buy cars wholesale without owning a license. Luckily, there are some auto auction car brokers, who attend auctions on behalf of their customers. You can address a broker, inform him/her about the desired automobile model, specified price range and wait for the auction results. Since it is an auction, keep in mind to have a specific price range.

Now you know how to buy cars at wholesale prices even without owning a license. Now, let’s dive a bit deeper and explore how to sell retail. 

How to buy cars wholesale and sell retail?

Anyone who has ever attended an auction admits that it is an amazing feeling to get a vehicle through auction. Competition makes the chosen model more desirable. There are many individuals who decided to become dealers after attending public auctions. While talking about how to buy wholesale cars, we should definitely mention dealership business as well. 

As you already know being a dealer can give a big profit while purchasing a car at auction. You can use your dealership either for your own goals or for customers and earn some money for the service. Besides, according to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a used car dealer is 53,458$. Hence, I guess it’s worth thinking about becoming a dealer.

Before applying for a dealer license, take into account that it is a time-consuming process. If you want to get a license for buying a vehicle at a dealer auction at the lowest price, then it’s not practical. But in case you intend to be actively involved in this business field, you should know that there are different types of licenses depending on the cars. Overall, it might affect the requirements for the license. Hence, it is necessary to clarify such details with your state authority, as requirements differ per state.  

Another important detail besides the legal issue in how to buy cars wholesale and sell retail is to determine the market price of a vehicle. Knowing the real value of an automobile can give you a hint of which price is the most affordable. It can lead you to correctly markup the model and earn a reasonable profit.


To sum up, we can still make our dream come true even if we are limited in budget. Now you know how to buy cars wholesale and save money. Nonetheless, the cheapest vehicles are available at dealer-only auctions, you can still use the opportunity with the help of auto auction car brokers. They can help you to get a chosen automobile within a specific price range. And last but not least, in case you find it attractive to attend auctions, then you might try your skills in the dealership as well. As you already know, the business field is quite competitive and profitable. So, wish you good luck!

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