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What are the best-used cars to buy without hesitation?

What are the best-used cars to buy without hesitation?

Nowadays, you will hardly find a person who doesn’t own or doesn’t plan to get an automobile. I won’t mention the reasons why we are addicted to vehicles since they play a huge role in our daily life. You likewise to many other individuals might think that buying a used vehicle is a good decision for saving money. You are right! Why should you pay more for the new automobile, and get 60% price depreciation in two or three years, after the purchase? Instead of it, you might think about buying a used vehicle, after clarifying what are the best cars to buy used. 

Of course, it is much more reasonable to get a used car instead of a new one. But the only challenge that we face while getting a used vehicle is that we don’t own much information about it. Most of them are sold without a warranty and it is a bit risky. We don’t know how reliable the used vehicle is, as we don’t own information about its previous owners, how well they took care of it, etc. 

On the one hand, buying a used automobile might be tricky, but don’t be afraid. I’ve prepared a bunch of all the needed information that helps you to get the best used vehicle. Below we will discuss how to choose a vehicle correctly, what are good cars to buy used in a certain budget, and what to check while pre-purchase inspection. Reading all the information will give you a clear picture of what to take into account for enjoying the purchase. So, let’s start the journey by exploring the most interesting part – how to determine what are the best used cars to buy!

How to determine what are the best cars to buy used that meet our needs?

I’m sure you have a dream car. But sometime after realizing details, we might change our decision regarding dream cars. By purchasing a vehicle, we make an investment out of which we expect enjoyable rides for a long time. For that reason, it is preferable to spend some time and correctly determine the automobile, instead of buying a dream car unconsciously. So, what are details that help us to know what are good used cars to buy?

Living area – Of course number one and the most important detail that we should take into account is our living area. Thinking about the detail will lead us to correctly choose a car type. For instance, if you live in a mountainous area, a sedan won’t work for you, since due to the low suspension system, your rides won’t be as comfortable as in SUV.

Think about a monthly budget – Another important detail that determines what are the best used cars to buy, is fuel efficiency. Besides the initial price, you should think about the expected monthly budget for fuel, insurance, and repair costs. A determined budget will indicate to you how important it is for you to get a fuel-efficient car. You will have a clear picture of whether you should get an electric automobile or not.

And last but not least, remember, there is no list of automobile models considered as the best used cars to buy since it is an individual issue. It depends on your needs and requirements. One might think that his/her SUV is the best used vehicle to buy, but it won’t work for a person living in a city center with fewer parking areas.  

What are good cars to buy used under 15,000$?

Nonetheless, we’ve mentioned above details that help us to choose a car type, we might still have some doubts. Sometimes, it’s so hard to make a decision when you know that one car meets all your requirements, but you prefer other ones look. So, to make it easier to choose what are the best cars to buy used, let’s divide the wide range of automobiles under a certain budget! Nonetheless, nowadays there are about 250-260 models worldwide, determining budget can narrow the wide range extremely. Below you can review different types of models under 15,000$, that have a high ranking.

Small Cars Midsize Cars Large CarsSports Cars 
Kia Soul 2018Chevrolet Cruze 2018Ford Focus 2018Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010Mercury Milan Hybrid 2010Saturn Aura 2009Toyota Avalon 2010Kia Cadenza 2014Buick LaCrosse 2011Ford Mustang 2010Mazda MX-5 Miata 2010Chevrolet Camaro 2010

I guess the above-mentioned table can help you to choose what are good cars to buy used. Now it’s time to move on to the most important part and explore what to check during pre-purchase inspection. 

Pre-purchase inspection for determining what are good used cars to buy

Once we choose what are good used cars to buy, that meets all our requirements and also fits our budget, it’s time to move on and make an appointment! Nonetheless, a vehicle might have an attractive look, without any scratches, it still needs a thorough inspection. Here is the list of details that should be checked during the pre-purchase inspection. 

  • The look – The look of the vehicle is very important and might determine our decision, but don’t be mistaken! “All that glitters is not gold”. Besides the look, you should check:
  • How it works – make a test drive;
  • Check mileage
  • Breaks
  • Under the hood
  • Electrics

Besides, you can simply ask the owner for the VIN (vehicle identification number) code. The VIN code is like a fingerprint for a car. Each automobile released since 1981, has its own unique code combining 17 characters. It can be found on the dashboard on the driver’s side. By using the VIN code you can check any detail about the car: insurance, accidents, warranty, previous owners, recalls, repairs, registration data, and even theft details. 

Additionally, you can also inspect an automobile with an independent mechanic. Following all the above-mentioned steps will help you to be on the safe while clarifying what are the best used cars to buy.


All in all, as you can see it is hard to have a list of automobile models under the topic of what are best used cars to buy. The main thing while determining the best used vehicles is, to analyze our needs. We should think about the details, the purpose, budget, living area, and only after this make a decision. Ignoring all those details might end up with a huge disappointment. Even if we buy a high-ranking vehicle that doesn’t have any technical issue, but doesn’t fit our needs, we might think that it is due to the model. But that’s not true in most cases. I guess the above-mentioned details can help you to easily choose the model.

Besides, now you know the top-ranked models under 15,000$ and also details that you should check during a pre-purchase inspection. Hence, I’m sure after reading and following all the steps you will find the most reliable vehicle that fits you the best! Wish you good luck! 

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