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Where is the best place to buy used cars?

Where is the best place to buy used cars?

Buying an automobile can be exciting and enjoyable, only if you know where to get it. Compared to the past, nowadays, there are many ways to get a vehicle. You might think that in a big variety it is much easier to make a decision and choose an option that meets all your requirements. On the one hand, you might be right. In a big variety, there is more chance of finding the best option. On the other hand, it is harder to choose the one in a big variety.

To make the process easier, I’ve prepared a bunch of useful information that helps you to choose the right option. Below we will compare online and onsite options for purchasing a car, review high-ranking websites of where to buy best used cars, and decide which is the most affordable, to get a car from a dealer, or from a private owner? Does this sound interesting to you? Let’s don’t waste time and start the journey by comparing onsite and online options for purchasing an automobile. 

Where to buy best used cars – Comparing onsite and online options

There was a time when buying a vehicle took weeks and even months. Before appearing online options, buying a car with the help of “onsite options”, requesting searching for advertisements in the newspaper, visiting local car markets, or looking for a “Sale” sign on the car nearby… Of course, the whole process took a long time.

Before reviewing what is the best website to buy used cars, let’s compare the pros and cons of the onsite and online options. Compared to the past, nowadays, the buying process is much easier and takes just minutes with the help of online options! You will find dozens of websites to buy vehicles. Some of them even offer you online pre-purchase investigation, so you can get a car without leaving a chair. But still, even though the onsite option takes a lot of time, there are still some people, who prefer to get an automobile by visiting some dealerships. The advantage of onsite trading is that you can have a look at an automobile and avoid any disappointments. We all know how fascinating the photo can be on the website, which is far from reality… Hence, one of the options for where to buy reliable used cars without any bad surprises is visiting car shows, lots, auctions, etc.  

All in all, it’s up to you to decide which option suits you best. In case you are not limited in time, you can also visit car lots, only after determining the market price for the automobile you are looking for. Determining market price will help you to avoid waste of money on a car and get a bargain price!

What is the best website to buy used cars?

After reviewing the above-mentioned information, I guess it is obvious where is the best place to buy used cars. Now it’s time to review high-ranking websites and determine which meets all your requirements. 

Of course, while talking about websites we should mention AutoTrader, the first nationwide, online marketplace for new and used vehicles. You can find over 3 million announcements and filter them upon your wish, selecting color, brand, model, year of a release, gas mileage, transmission type, etc. 

In case you are searching for classic automobiles, then the answer to the question of where to buy best used cars is Hemmings. Originally its history began in 1954 as a four-page car magazine and continued as a leader vintage car website. Here you will find a big variety of trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Sellers are individuals and dealers as well. On the webpage, you can even get an automobile with an auction. 

As you know buying a car is a time-consuming process and requests big research. The advantage of CarGurus website is that it evaluates cars objectively upon their mileage, vehicle history, and other details. After combining all those details, CarGurus determines whether the car is overpriced, fair, good, or great. Hence, if you want to waste time and get the answer to what is the best website to buy used cars, then it is definitely CarGurus. 

Where to buy reliable used cars, from dealers or private owners? 

One of the outstanding issues that every buyer wonders is, whether it is better to get a car from a dealer, or a private seller? Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each option will give you a clear picture of where to buy reliable used cars without hesitation. 

Buying an automobile from a dealer – First of all, while buying a car from the dealer, you can get a big variety of automobiles. Dealership can also assist you in financing. They make the paperwork. In case you are selling an old vehicle, you can trade-in and save a lot of money on taxes. For instance, in case the vehicle costs 15,000$ and the dealer offered 5,000$ for your previous car, you will have to pay a tax fee only for the difference of 10,000$, instead of 15,000$. 

The only disadvantage is that there is more chance to get a bigger discount from a private owner than from a dealer. As a rule, dealers get a car cheaper and sell them at a higher price. The difference is their benefit out of the sale. Hence, there is no chance that the dealer sells a vehicle cheaper than he/she paid. Now, let’s continue the topic of where is the best place to buy used cars, by reviewing private sellers as well.

Buying an automobile from a private owner – The thing that I like about buying a vehicle from a private seller is that, you can get much more details about a vehicle than from a dealer. Besides, you can get an automobile at a bargain price. Even though, compared to dealerships, private sellers don’t have a big variety of automobiles. 


All in all, deciding where is the best place to buy used cars is up to you, depending on your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a vintage automobile it can be Hemmings, but the option won’t work for you if you are looking for modern sports cars. Nonetheless, it is hard to have one option, comparing online and onsite options, and reviewing websites can lead to making a good decision that meets all your requirements. Wish you good luck!

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