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Where to buy used cars from owners – All about purchasing a used vehicle

Where to buy used cars from owners – All about purchasing a used vehicle

Nonetheless buying an automobile might seem an exciting process, it requests analyzing many details. This is the only way of enjoying the final result. You might have met some people who have started thinking about changing newly purchased vehicles. For avoiding disappointment and waste of time, it is preferable to follow all the necessary steps and get an enjoyable result.

Below we will discuss all the must-know steps that help you to make a good decision. We’ll review some details that you should take into account while choosing a vehicle, as it affects where to buy used cars from private owners. Also, we’ll discuss specifications that you should check while pre-purchase inspection. And last but not least, of course, we will review all the high-ranking sources, where you can get an automobile.

How to choose where to buy used cars from private owners?

If it is the first time you buying an automobile, this part will be very useful for you. Those who already had vehicles in the past, already know what details should be taken into account while choosing a car. But those who are getting an automobile for the first time might think that buying their dream car is the best decision. Actually, I was thinking the same in the past, but after analyzing some details, I’ve changed my mind and purchased a different model, which I don’t regret.

Before reviewing where to buy used cars by the owner, it is important to know how to choose the right model. There are different sources for different automobile models and car types. For instance, there are specific websites and dealership companies dedicated to sports cars, vintage vehicles, etc. For that reason, first of all, we should choose an automobile model and only after this start thinking about sources. So, let’s start from the beginning and review some details, which we may not have even thought of before.

First of all, you should think about the purpose of the purchase. You might dream about sports cars. But if you want to get an automobile for going from home to the office, or for spending holidays in the mountainous areas, then a sports car won’t work for you. Another important detail that you should think about, before searching where to buy cars from private owners, is to determine the monthly budget. Thinking about upcoming monthly costs (for fuel, insurance, and unforeseen expenses related to repairs) will give you a clear picture of how important is fuel efficiency for you. If you prefer to pay a bit more on the vehicle and save money for the monthly costs, then you might think about an electric or hybrid automobile. Analyzing those details can lead you to decide the car type and model that fits you the best out of the existing 250-260 models worldwide. So, since you already know what to think about while choosing a model, let’s review some sources where to buy used cars from owners.

Reviewing sources of where to buy used cars by owner

First of all, before reviewing sources of where to buy used cars from private owners, let me emphasize why it is preferable to get an automobile from the owner. Nowadays you can get a vehicle either from the owner, dealer, or manufacturer. In case of buying used vehicles, you can get them either from a private owner or from the dealership company. The thing that I like while talking to the private owner instead of a dealer is that I can get much more details from the owner than from the dealer. Of course, you can always check details with the help of a VIN code (about which we will discuss below), but besides it is always preferable to get information from the previous owner. For instance, if you see big mileage data on the odometer you might ask the owner about the purpose of a vehicle. It is a well-known fact that realtors or travel agents always cover much more distance annually than others. Hence, in case the owner was using the vehicle for business-related purposes, then indicated numbers are not suspicious.

Of course, in the era of internet, while talking about where to buy used cars by owner, number one option is a website. Nowadays, we all try to save time and instead of visiting many places, review all the available options on the websites without leaving a chair. It is a great way to save time, energy and make easier the purchase process. For instance, by visiting Edmunds, Autotrader, and Autolist you can filter published statements on those websites upon your wish, it can be car type, color, budget, brand, model, etc. Besides, there are some other high-ranking websites.

CarGurus – As you know buying a car is a time-consuming process and requests big research. The advantage of the website is that it evaluates cars objectively upon their mileage, vehicle history, and other details. After combining all those details, CarGurus determines whether the car is overpriced, fair, good, or great. Hence, if you want to save time and get the answer where to buy cars from private owners, then it is definitely CarGurus. 

Hemmings – If you are looking for classic, vintage used cars, you should definitely check the website. Here you will find a big variety of trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Sellers are individuals and dealers as well. On the webpage, you can even get an automobile with an auction. 

What to check no matter where to buy cars from private owners

All in all, knowing resources of where to buy used cars from owners, is not enough for getting the best result. The most important part while buying a vehicle is a pre-purchase inspection. No matter from which website you have heard about the automobile, it still needs a detailed pre-purchase inspection. 

As I’ve already mentioned, it is a good idea to get an automobile from the owner, as you can get as many details as possible. For inspecting a vehicle you should look at the odometer, the overall look of a car, check electrics, under the hood, breaks, and tires. And last but not least, request a test drive to feel the vehicle. It is the best way to check whether it really fits you or not. 

Of course, additionally, you can check the vehicle condition with the help of an independent mechanic. Besides, you can ask the owner to provide a VIN code even before making an appointment. With the help of a VIN code, you can get any information related to the automobile. For instance, warranty details, thefts, insurance, registrations, etc. Hence, checking all those details will keep you on the safe side no matter on which source you’ve found the car announcement.


All in all, nonetheless all the above-mentioned information might seem overwhelming, hopefully, you found it useful. As you already know buying automobile requests realizing many details. But following all the mentioned steps can lead to the right choice. Now you know how to choose a model, where to buy used cars from owners, and what to check. I guess you are ready to move on and get your “best buddy”. Wish you good luck!

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