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Where to sell classic cars – All you need to know

Where to sell classic cars – All you need to know

Selling a vehicle can be challenging due to many reasons. First of all, it is hard to say goodbye to your “best buddy”.  Compared to the buying process, selling your car can be emotionally hard. Besides, it requests analyzing many details. You should clarify how to create attractive advertisements, where to sell classic cars online, how to choose the right price, etc. Determining all those details requests searching the information on different sources, and the whole process is time-consuming. For that reason, I’ve prepared a bunch of information that is necessary for you. Reading the below-mentioned information will help you to clarify all the needed information related to selling a classic car. So, let’s don’t waste a time and start the journey by clarifying where to sell classic cars, online or onsite? 

Where to sell classic cars, online or onsite?

One of the most important things while selling a car is to correctly choose the selling option. Choosing the right way where, and how to sell classic cars might determine the amount of the profit. Actually, there are only two options for selling an automobile. It can be either online or onsite. 

In the past, the only option to get a vehicle was to visit car lots, review announcements in the magazine, or search for a “Sale” sign nearby. The whole process took much longer than reviewing advertisements on the website. Even though there are still some people, who prefer to get a car by visiting some dealerships. The advantage of onsite trading is that you can have a look at a car and avoid any disappointments. We all know how fascinating can the car photo be on the website, which is far from the reality… 

Nonetheless the above-mentioned advantage of onsite trading, in the era of the internet we all rush to do as much as possible in a day. We all appreciate each minute and try to use an option that requests less time. Hence, if you still hesitate where to sell antique cars, onsite or online, I’d advise online! First of all, advertising your vehicle online gives you a broader audience. As a result, there is more chance that you will sell an automobile much sooner. All in all, the online option is unchangeable for selling a vehicle. Now, we can move on and explore how to conduct the process online. 

How to sell classic cars online step by step

Since we already know where to sell classic cars it is important to clarify how to do it in practice. Below we’ll review the whole process step by step. 

  • Prepare the car – First of all, you should check the car’s condition. Well prepared and technically checked car cost much higher. It avoids you barging from the customer to make a discount. 
  • Determine the right price – After clarifying the market price, choose the right cost of your vehicle. While indicating a price at the advertisement, always leave room for negotiation. No matter where to sell classic cars online or onsite, never indicate too high price if you want to sell the car sooner. In the era of the internet, anyone can check the approximate price for any automobile model. Hence, if you overprice the model, there is less chance that it will be sold. 
  • Advertise – Indicate all the specifications of your vehicle, while making an advertisement. Try to attach many photos, so the consumer will have a clear view of the car in advance, before making an appointment. Try to highlight the unique specifications of the vehicle. Some classic vintage cars have an interesting history that might even increase their value.
  • Allow test drive and checkup of the vehicle – Nonetheless, you might provide as many details as possible about the vehicle, a consumer might still need to check up the car’s condition. I’m sure you wouldn’t buy an automobile without a detailed lookup and test drive.
  • Make paperwork done – Another important detail on how to sell classic cars is to check the law requirements. If you are selling a car through a dealer, all the paperwork is done by them. But in case you sell the car by yourself, then you should prepare a Bill of Sale. You can even have a consultancy with the lawyer to make sure you meet your local law requirements. 

After reviewing the process, it is time to review websites where to sell antique cars. 

Where to sell antique cars – Reviewing websites

You might find many websites that offer to buy and sell used classic automobiles. Let’s review some high-ranking websites that are designated for vintage vehicles. 

Hemmings – On the website sellers are individuals and dealers as well. The website offers auctions as well and is very popular for vintage car lovers. It’s notable that the audience of the website is not limited only to the USA but also to Germany, UK, and Australia. Hence, by choosing that option you get a bigger audience. 

HamannClassicCars – Another great way where to sell classic cars is the HamannClassicCars. Thomas Hamann has built an enterprise connecting collectors with the vehicles of his dreams. His experience counting 40+ years in this industry made him one of the recognizable collectors worldwide. He is a well-known dealer in all European race and sports cars of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. On the website you can find a list of automobiles they are looking for to buy. Hence, in case you own an automobile listed on the webpage, you can sell it in a short time with a great deal. 

ClassicCars – While talking about where to list a car, we should definitely mention ClassicCars. The website is visited with over 2 million visitors each month, hence I guess you already know the reason why I’d advise the website. 

Besides the above-mentioned websites, you will find more options on the internet. Remember, always check the number of advertisements on the website, the data when was the last announcement published, for checking how active is the website.


Nonetheless, it might be confusing how to sell a vintage car, following the above mentioned steps help you to successfully conduct the whole process! It’s hard to mention only one website where to sell classic cars. Reviewing mentioned web pages will give you a clear vision of which option works for you the best. Hopefully, the given information leads you to make a good decision and sell your car at the highest price!

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